Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to purchase transitions and spacers separately. For a list of other required tools, please review the Installation Guide.

To cut a plank, simply measure and mark the plank. Then, use a straight edge and utility knife to score and snap. If you have difficulty using this method, you can use a jig saw, circular saw or miter saw. Wear proper eye protection when using electrical tools.

It is recommended you keep your pets claws trimmed. Sharp claws can damage the floor. Pet urine should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

Try using a melamine cleaning sponge for scuffed areas. If the scratch has penetrated the top layer, then the plank will have to be replaced.

The subfloor surface must be smooth, flat, dry, clean and solid. Approved subfloors include concrete, wood, quarry tile, terrazzo, ceramic, radiant heated floors, and existing resilient floors. Vinyl flooring CANNOT be installed over any carpet, foam, spongy padding, or floating floors. Carpet staples or adhesive residue must be removed to ensure proper installation.

Please call us at 866-843-8453 and we can send you repair adhesive free of charge.

For best results, purchase all cases of flooring at the same time to avoid dye lot differences. There are shade and color variations from run to run. The best solution is to mix the planks up from different run #’s into the installation, installing from several boxes at one time.

You cannot buy individual planks, they are only sold by the case.

Our flooring is made in China.

Installation videos are available on YouTube.

This is a floating floor and cannot be glued, nailed, or attached in any other way to the subfloor.

Permanent cabinets, vanities, islands and similar items should be installed first. Then, install the flooring around them, leaving the proper expansion gap. This flooring can be installed under vanities with legs.

Yes, you can install your appliances on top of the floor. Protect your floor when using a dolly to move furniture or appliances. Protective sheets and/or plywood may be needed. Never slide or roll heavy furniture or appliances across the floor.

Any areas of left over debris that is left on the subfloor that exceeds 1/8” must be removed, sanded, or filled prior to installation. The overall floor flatness tolerance is 1/4” over 10’ or 3/16” over 10’, depending on the product you are using. There should be no abrupt height variation. So most likely you can go right over it if no areas are higher than 1/8”. Scrape off the really bad spots including past floor adhesives.

In general, the planks can handle 250 psi. Depending on the size of the bases/feet of the equipment, it shouldn’t pose an issue from an expansion and contraction standpoint. Any other material is fine. Vinyl flooring CANNOT withstand permanent cabinets, vanities, islands and similar items. It puts too much weight in one area and causes free floating product separation or buckling. However, can be installed around them, leaving the proper expansion gap. If the cabinets are modern and sit on 4 legs, they can be installed over our product, just like appliances, the weight is distributed evenly throughout the 4 legs and does NOT put pressure all in one area.

If the moisture is above 5%, the product CANNOT be installed unless DriCore Subfloor is installed first. If the moisture is below 5%, a 6 mil poly must be used prior to installing TrafficMASTER™ GripStrip™. A moisture barrier does not need to be used with LifeProof, Allure Ultra, or Home Decorators Collection.

The sound rating varies for each product format. Refer to the technical data sheet or call 866-843-8453.

Silicone sealant can be used in front of doors, in front of a shower expansion space, or around a toilet flange. This will prevent water from going into the expansion space and reaching the subfloor. You CANNOT use sealant in other areas as it will interfere with the expansion space if used around the entire room and defeat the purpose of the expansion space.

TrafficMASTER™ GripStrip must be rolled with a hand roller as each plank is being installed and 75 or 100 pound 3-section weighted roller again after installation. Rolling creates friction and causes the seams to seal tightly. This is very important to create strong adhesive bond. Walking on the floor will NOT create the same type of bond. Click-lock flooring should not be rolled.

Careful not to fracture floor edges, lift plank at an angle and use a soft-faced hammer to gently disconnect planks.

ONLY use pH Neutral Floor Cleaner or other similar pH balanced cleaner. DON’T wax the floor, DON’T polish the floor, DON’T seal the floor, DON’T steam the floor, and DON’T use any wood care product (such as all or multi-purpose) on the floor as these can leave a film that traps dirt. Dry/untreated pads are acceptable however, DON’T use pre-treated wet floor cleaning pads. Vinyl is NOT porous therefore traditional cleaning products will cause buildup that will eventually yellow. Cleaning supplies can be purchased at The Home Depot.

This product is only meant to be installed as a floating floor, any glued installation (floor, stairs, walls, etc.) will void your warranty. The planks cannot properly expand and contract if they’re adhered to the substrate.

Rugs that have a Polymer, Acrylic, Latex, Vinyl or Cotton backing, which can be found at most stores. Rubber-backed mats/rugs are NOT recommended as they will stain (yellow) the floor. In addition, PVC rug gripper pads can also be used to place under rugs that may have a rough backing.

Yes, all of our flooring is ortho-phthalate and formaldehyde free.

Yes, all of our products are FloorScore certified which means it meets all indoor air quality requirements (tested in the state of CA) as a safe product.

Take extreme care in removing the floor. Warranty does not cover any damages that occur upon removal of the floor. The subfloor and product must be completely dry before being reused.

If you chose to change direction throughout the home, you will need to purchase transitions (sold separately).